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 Classic Stone Soules Adventures

The Stone Soules

The Stone Soules History-in-Brief is a short summary of every major twist and turn of the Stone Soules from formation to disbanding.  Makes for quick reading and it's interesting to take a step back and see it all in short order - check it out!

Stone Soules Documents contains four pages: pages one, two, three, and four.  Page one features the Logs (in Microsoft Windows Write and Word formats) which covers everything Dranigh and Alegra recorded in the Log throughout the career of the Soules, 2167-2185.  All of the pages feature chronological summaries, first from private emails saved, then later from the great SSOULES listserv.  Note that the first adventures of the Soules were never summarized for email and so are only reflected in the History-in-Brief and in the Logs.

The Stone Soules is without question the Party that will always remain closest to my heart (though I'd be the first to tell you all about its (somewhat amusing) deficiencies, idiosyncracies, failures, schizophrenic nature, and entertaining history).  Being the first Cornell Telvar group, we made lots of mistakes at first, and even some later on.  Mostly we had no well-defined goals or agenda to define us.  But we did lots of interesting things despite this, or perhaps because of this.  We started the regular email 'summaries' which became a mainstay for Telvar lurkers hiding out elsewhere.  And now, the alums of the Soules feel much as the Telvarians of old, vicariously enjoying the newest Telvar adventures by parties new and old.  Regardless, herein are all of the collected adventures while the SS was a cohesive entity (some sequel adventures are found in the by-year adventure sections, 1997-1999 and 2000, etc.). 


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