Colony of 
 The City-State 
of Tan-El
 The Observatory
 The Northlands
 Places of Interest in Telvar

Telvar is a dynamic and huge world.  If you've ever seen Edwin unroll the "Great Map of Doom" (my naming, not his) then you'd be amazed by the tremendous size and scope of Telvar.  You'd also probably be surprised at how long conventional tape can hold together that many sheets of pencil-scrawled paper.  Telvar is huge, encompassing several continents, the Old, New, and Far Worlds.  There are hints of other, undiscovered locales as well.  I couldn't possibly cover them all.  At this point, I wouldn't desire to anyway.  But I can shed some light on some locales which have been of interest to the party that I have the most experience in (The Stone Soules).

I would also be remiss if I didn't at this point lead you to Edwin's virtual walk-through for Telvar, located on his own Telvar page.

Herein, you'll discover information on the Colony of Middle-of-the-Road, the City-State of Tan-El, the Observatory and Institute for Sky Studies, and the Northlands of Dunador, all home to, or, founded by, the Stone Soules adventuring party.

NEW!Also, there's information on Restinford, the town on Lendore Isle that was adopted by the Restinford Defenders as their home.  The town is home to some great characters (more leveled folks than you can shake a stick at!) and fun encounters.


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