Observatory and Sky Studies Institute

Observatory and Institute for Sky Studies
A protectorate of the Council of Tan-El

The Observatory and Institute were founded in 2182, with the best telescope in the New World, funded by the Stone Soules, individual membership, and the Churches of Phaulkon and Aurora.

The location is currently under reassessment (the plans in the past have not been settled yet).  Previously this was the agreed-upon placement:  The location of the settlement is almost exactly equidistant from Tan-El and the Dunadorian Colony of Middle.  It lies on Tesla Ridge, at the location once known as Base Camp Hill (now Observatory Hill).

Besides being a bastion of chaotic good in the area, it is a haven for scholars of weather, the night sky, and other atmospheric phenomena.  The plans for the small, walled compound are not well known, but an extreme amount of money has gone into the establishment of the center.  The time on the telescope is divided roughly in thirds between Aurorans, Phaulkonians, and sages and scholars purchasing time on it.  Sometimes time is exchanged for money or other currency.  The Institute is one of many scholar's interests pursued by the new City-State of Tan-El.


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