The Stone 
 The Restinford 
 The Seapoint 
 The Daring 
 Personalities and Parties of Telvar

These groups were all formed during Edwin's tenure at Cornell University.
The First Cornell Telvar group:
The Stone Soules
The Second Cornell Telvar group: The Restinford Defenders
Minor groups:  The Daring Dozen and The Seapoint Lightning


Official Motto

Unofficial Motto/Nickname

The Stone Soules

Adventurers Struggling Against Evil

Party Confidence Is High!
"The Hideous Trapped Evil Party"

The Restinford Defenders

Stumbling Vaguely Away from Disaster


The Seapoint Lightning

The Lightning Never Strike Twice

"We're all that's left of Sam'n Friends"

The Daring Dozen


Don't take 'dozen' too literally





These groups were formed after Edwin's time at Cornell:
BLADES, the Brotherhood for the Liberation of All from Dinosaurs, Evil, and Slavery


Official Motto

Unofficial Motto/Nickname


Brotherhood for the Liberation of All from Dinosaurs, Evil, and Slavery




Telvar is filled with fascinating personalities and adventuring parties, both famous and infamous.  The stories and legends and laughs about many of these folks have been accumulating since the earliest days of Telvar.  I can't even begin to give you an idea of most of these groups and individuals.  I'm going to settle for a quick run-down of a few parties that I've had some experience with.  I'm happy to put up information or link to information on other parties, but I think that these are the only likely groups that will ever appear here.  This is largely because the majority of the information on these groups was already available in digital formats and these groups are from most recent memory.  The older groups are so shrouded in the mists of time that I think few will feel motivated to set something up at this point (go ahead and prove me wrong, though!).  To get some idea of the times when each of these groups adventured in Telvar time, look at the Timelines Page.


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