The Seapoint Lightning

lightnThe Seapoint Lightning
"The Lightning Never Strike Twice"

The Party

The Seapoint Lightning is the final legacy of a fledgling adventuring group known as Sam'n Friends, formed in 2173 on Lendore Isle.  The leader of the party was Samantha, a beautiful half-elven Phaulkonian cleric/woodsman.  She had enraptured the rest of the party and, despite her objections, the membership voted to name the party after her.  During the second adventure of Sam'n Friends, the party journeyed to Hafney Hill and was slaughtered except for the stealthy Hecht, who barely escaped with his life.  Hecht met up with another large group of adventurers to return to Hafney Hill and rescue Sam or any others who might have survived, and seek vengeance on the dastardly halflings who had vanquished the former party.  When Hecht's new group set out for Hafney Hill, they became misdirected and arrived at the wrong hill.  This party fought a Witch and her demon servants.  A handful survived the encounter, and returned to Restinford to attempt to find help in taking Hafney Hill.  There, they met up with the Restinford Defenders and returned to Hafney Hill.  The Defenders and Hecht's group defeated the halflings there, and took the ruined keep.  On return to Restinford, the Defenders and the others went separate ways.  Auburn, a halfling warrior-cleric, and Arutha, an elven Nevronian cleric, veterans of the Witch battle, set out for Seapoint on the Baron's suggestion, to serve the city in the capacity that the Defenders serve Restinford.  So began the Seapoint Lightning.


Leadership and Organization

Auburn and Arutha, as well as Darryl, an elven mage/thief, and Fred, a halfling warrior, journeyed to Seapoint in February 2175 to seek employment from Lord Mayor Sobre.  The Lightning were given a commission and began recruiting membership.  Auburn was appointed Leader of the party. Arutha was chosen as Auburn's right-hand man and is often referred to by her as "Lieutenant."  The rest of the party is made up of Members, who have a voice in party decisions, but ultimately all decisions fall to Auburn.  Non-members have no voice in party decisions.  Auburn will take suggestions readily, but she is also the arbiter of party shares and magical item distribution.  The party is highly lawful and loyalty and stalwart behavior is fully expected of all Members. Auburn, or Arutha, can remove uncooperative members from the party at their discretion.  Auburn reports directly to the Lord Mayor, or his lawful appointed servants as necessary.

Deputy-Leader Auburn

Auburn, halfling cleric of Sheila and warrior.

Auburn was born and raised on Lendore Isle.  She is a quiet, stoic character, who reveals little of her nature or her history.  Auburn has great respect for wisdom, though there are some who have doubted her own for staying on the Isle to adventure after her training as a fighter and a cleric.  She is amazingly strong and agile, and those who see her are awed by her physical prowess for one so small in stature.  Auburn has significant leadership qualities but keeps her own counsel.  She gladly listens to the good suggestions of her compatriots, however. For social considerations, she usually defers to her second, Arutha.

Deputy-Lieutenant Arutha

Arutha, elven cleric of Nevron.

Arutha was born Lans-elrond in the elven village of Sairt, in (year).  He was an orderly child, for an elf.  His mother was somewhat fond of him, but his father was carefree, and thoughtless in Lans' opinion.  When his father traveled to Dunthrane City with him, Lans became intrigued by the society's order and powerful government.  His attention also caught the powerful Nevronian Church.

When they returned, Lans became increasingly tired of the incessant playing and partying.  His mother was confused, and his father thought of him as "ruining his fun."

When Lans was 53, his father was caught stealing a minor trinket during a trip to End-of-the-Road.  An angry Lans testified against him.  Lans' mother was very angry, and they argued for days.  Finally, Lans stormed off, disgusted with the elven way.

After wandering through Dunador, for a while, he ended up in Teft.  There Lans introduced himself as Arutha, and has kept that more human name ever since.  He had always wanted to see the ocean, and he traveled up to Ventris City.

Arutha quickly became bored there and headed to Barnacus.  There he joined the Nevronian order, under command of Archbishop Aware.  Despite the efforts of his teachers, Arutha remained disinterested in the healing arts.

After completing his training, Arutha looked for something to do, chaos to defeat.  First he ran into a curious halfling kickboxer cleric, named Auburn.  They hit it off immediately, sharing a love for order and law.  Togther they met up with the remnants of an adventuring group known as Sam n' Friends, of which only the Hecht the halfling remained. All three survived the disastrous adventure that followed, and Arutha's adventuring spirit was temporarily quenched.  He received a magic necklace from the party and went off to work for the Nevronian Church in Benct.  He hated the city and was frustrated by its lawlessness.

When the Restinford Defenders came through Benct and took down the ghost of Captain Nbod, Arutha's adventuring spirit was slowly rekindled.  He became good friends with Tyveris, the Defenders' Nevronian cleric, and grieved for his valiant death against the sea witch Brinea.

Arutha later heard about the successful adventure of the Defenders through Auburn.  Auburn was forming a new party called the Lightning, and was planning to operate out of Seapoint, to the west.  Arutha gladly joined as Auburn's second-in-command.  He looks forward to the continuation of his adventuring career.


History of the Party

Sam'n Friends vs. the GAT
Sam'n Friends vs. the Evil Halflings of Hafney Hill
Hecht's Rescue Party vs. the Witch
Hecht & co. and the Restinford Defenders vs. the Evil Halflings of Hafney Hill


Help Wanted

"Are you looking for a chance to practice those fighting skills, those well-honed treasure-finding abilities, that healing or ranged-weapon prowess?  The Seapoint Lightning, lawful deputies of the Lord Mayor of Seapoint, seek loyal and thrill-seeking adventurers to help fulfill its mission.  Cowards and those unable to follow lawful orders need not apply.  Be prepared for excitement and a chance to gain experience and see the islands.  Treasure shares and magical items will be given as appropriate to all participating Members at the discretion of the Deputy-Leader.   The Lightning will report to Deputy-Leader Auburn who may be contacted for an interview at the Lord Mayor's estate.  Don't become just another casualty to the island!  Come along with an established party looking for adventure and a chance to bring a little bit of order to a chaotic place.  The Seapoint Lightning.  The Lightning Never Strike Twice."


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