The Restinford Defenders

The Restinford Defenders, Cornell's second and arguably most bad-ass Telvar adventuring party, have an awesome page located elsewhere.  I won't duplicate the information you can find there, so go check out their page!  It's great, and they have some truly messed-up and intriguing adventures with surprisingly good outcomes.  You should check it out!  There is a mirror of their adventures on this website and a history-in-brief.  But here's a short description to give you an idea about these stalwart adventurers.  Also, I've included a more thorough description of Cassian, Balinor, and Albee as well.

The Restenford Defenders are the second Cornell Telvar group, which was formed following the graduation of the most senior Cornell players in the Stone Soules.  However, five former Stone Soules players played minor to defining roles in the new party, and thus it was characterized by much more veteran experience than it's predecessor.

Despite this, the original Defenders were rapidly wiped out save two. Quentin Browne, Druid of the 7th Circle and heir to the Druid of Lendore Isle; and Drew, Ranger of Petethal survived to maintain the foundation of the party over its 13 year Telvar history.  The other founding party members, including Soldan, a cleric of Silban; Darellon, a human woodsman; Annwyvn, an elven scout; and Grison Axebreaker, a dwarven warrior all perished soon after the foundation of the party.

Still, many of the most regarded members rose directly out of the ashes of the original group.  Unlike the Stone Soules, who rapidly developed a large variety and quantity of characters of various skills, the Defenders reigned in their size and were perhaps most notable for their startlingly brutal wall of hand-to-hand fighters, including Felix, a half-orc warrior who wields one of the great short swords of Telvar, Peacemaker; Morgan Cukathos, an elven warrior of cunning and unparalleled finesse, and Balinor Buckhannah, a giant human warrior wielding twin hammers.

Of crucial importance was the supporting cast for this offensive force, including Cassian, Matriarch of Phaulkon; Donald Collins, human wizard and one of Wicker's great students (like the Soules' Eli); Alduin, elven scout and menacing warrior; Kain, cleric of Silban; Chiaroscuro, human illusionist; and Albee, human monk of Nevron.

The Defenders set out with no visions of glory or grandeur, and few sought leadership roles in the outside world.  But as the party gradually evolved to include a larger variety of roles, many additional members passed through our ranks, including Kodo, human woodsman; Narahn, halfling bowman; and Perry, a halfling scout.

Rapidly the experience of the old party members dwindled in importance as the party acquired a set of its own rules and advice.  Though the party remained chronically in need of monetary resources, we stockpiled an arsenal of magical equipment of shocking power.  Virtually every member's abilities were extended well beyond their physical appearance.  Even the fighters could enact minor spells on occasion; the clerics could cast more spells than normal; the scouts were supernaturally hidden; the wizard received certain spells from remote sources.  These factors caused our enemies to continually underestimate us.

Although the party composition change from its beginnings, our fundamental strategies remained remarkably fixed. Our power grew, and though the Restenford Defenders performed many missions and were named Law Enforcement Deputies in the town of Restenford on Lendore Isle, the party remained somewhat undirected and explored many distant locales.   Our reasons for adventuring were as varied as our missions; there were few common threads among them.

The party motto, which was initially created by the sardonic Quentin Browne, characterized our adventures from start to finish.  Yet it is deceiving.  By the retirement of the core party members, it was clear; the party was stumbling vaguely away from disaster... into success beyond our wildest dreams!

(This page was written largely through the gracious help of Joel Green)


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