Restinford, Lendore Isle

The Town of Restenford, on Lendore Isle

*Joel's Note: has been spelled Restinford by virtually everyone but me, but I press on.

Around the Restin River on the legendary isle of Lendore, Restenford is the fourth largest town in the Keystone Kingdom.  It is about a five day journey from Barnacus.

Background: Although the Keystone Kingdom is ruled from Barnacus (the capital and by the far the largest city on Lendore), the towns are relatively independent.  This is due in part to the dangerous roads on this frontier island.  Life is harsh and short, but the rewards are large for merchants and adventurers alike.  Farmers prosper utilizing the fantastic soil (although the burrow worms that provide this ecological miracle are quite dangerous) and bandits and tribal Khargish humans roam the northern half of the island.  The Kingdom was founded about 500 years ago after the pirate inhabitants were driven out.  In theory, the ruling family of Barnacus is an exiled royal line from the Realm.  The current leader is Duke Haermond IV.

Restenford is a growing town with a population of about 600 in 2182, having doubled from its 2172 size.  This is due in part to the increased security in the region provided by the Restenford Defenders, a group of adventurers/deputies who have eliminated virtually all bandit presence in the area.  The western end of Restenford is dominated by a wooden palisade which was used to protect against raids by the gnolls before their elimination.  The side east of the Restin River is not protected by walls.

A rivalry over the eastern lands continues to this day, against the resistance of the Duke of Kroten (Benct, a larger town to the east).

Important People/Organizations/Structures:

Baronial Keep.
  The town is ruled by Baron Grellus, a former fighter wielding a flaming bastard sword.  His wife is a Nevronian cleric.  The tax collector/evaluator is Relkin.  The guard captain is Gelpus.  Guards include Colemac, Halco, Brillman, Narahn, Marcus, Carlton, and Gaston.  The sentry level guards are virtually incomprehensible, speaking with some sort of colloquial accent (as do some of the commoners).

Peltar's Tower.  The abode of the powerful wizard Peltar, known for his tremendous library of spells.  His apprentices include Gristla.  He is quite fond of pancakes.

Almax.  High Druid of Lendore Isle.  He has worked closely to insure Quentin Browne takes his place upon reaching sufficient stature.  His son is Amos.

Phaulkonian Church and Abbey.  A walled compound, this church is led by Philip (following the tragic death of the previous Abbot in 2175).

House of the Restenford Defenders.  Currently in its THIRD incarnation (the first was blown up, the second was destroyed in a storm).  Narahn and Gaston reside there on a permanent basis, and the Defenders use it when in town.  Refer to the design of the original homestead.

Other notable townspeople: Falco and Gap (of Falco's Tavern), Felix the Mercenary.

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