Core Membership of the Soules

This page contains the descriptions and some artwork for various Core Members of the Stone Soules.  Only those members who were with the party when it broke up in 2185 are listed here.  The leaders of the party are listed on the Triumvirate page.  All those who were veterans of the party from earlier times are listed as Veterans.  Those who died and were not successfully Raised are listed under Obituaries

These members are found on this page, updated through the dissolution of the party:


Played by Sean Guarino

7th level Warrior. Elven male. Bow specialist who often takes on the role of scout.  Patrol Captain of Tan-El.

Canstintansilaneous (Canstin for short, called Cans by his parents, meaning "child of darkness"), was born in a small village, although he had no real attachment to the city; in fact, he can't even remember its name. His family was one that was tormented by the other elves, for the people of the village thought his family were descendants of the Drow, a legendary group of evil elves. When Canstin was 27, his father decided that the family had taken enough abuse at the hands of the other elves and the family left to live in the woods. It was in the woods that Canstin was raised, and where he was trained to use his natural elven abilities to scout and to find food. However, his mother reacted poorly to the new surroundings. She slowly began too lose her mind, eventually reaching a state of delerium where she actually believed she was a Dark elf. When Canstin was 75, his mother finally lost it completely, and tried to kill him. It was during the battle with his mother that his face was hideously scarred, and the battle ended with his mother's death. After the mourning, Canstin never forgave himself, and took to wearing clothing that hides his face in shadows. About the only good thing that did come out of it was a strengthened relationship with his father, as neither of them had anybody else. Years later, Canstin's father died saving him from the giant Molehill. Canstin decided at that point to devote his life to killing this giant, but the Stone Soules got to the task first. When the Soules did his duty for him, Cans then decided to join the party in order to help these people who avenged his father.

A couple of years ago, Canstin died and got reincarnated as a human (a Kharg, to be exact). He spent most of the first year getting used to his new body, and began to see the advantages to it (specifically, the fact that the new form was particularly good looking). He still considered his old body to be quite superior. Then, he turned over a new leaf and accepted his human form. This was signified by taking on the human name of Raven.  Recently, Raven came into a lot of money in a quest with the Stone Soules and paid to have himself changed back into an elf (using a hero's magical staff). He has kept the name Raven, despite this return to his original form.  This is because Raven is not truly the same person he was when he was younger.  During his tenure in the Stone Soules, he became Druidic, and has grown significantly as a person.  He is Patrol Captain of Tan-El.

Eliandor Lothander

Played by Zack HubertEli                                           art by Mike Kosteva (click to enlarge)

9th level Mage and worshipper of Aurora, Goddess of the Night Sky.  Elven male, stunningly handsome. Wears a steadily changing wardrobe of clothes that only seem to become nicer and more elaborate with time. Joined the party shortly after its creation. Eli is the Magister of Tan-El, one of the three Councilors.

Henchmen are: Claude and Elendwhen. He has a lizard named Ecco.

Never knowing his family, Eli apprenticed under the great elven mage Wicker at an early age where he developed his natural talent for wizardry as a star student but also developed a deep seated desire for the power it can provide. Having recently conquered the inner struggle between good and evil, Eli is now able to seek power with a tempered mind. His concerns now are not with gaining power to benefit himself, but to better be the instrument of good during his life. He recognizes that he is just one part in a much greater struggle, but an element with the power to do a great deal.

Eli's magical interests are focussed on elemental effects. He has special interest in the quasi-elemental lightning and the para-elemental ooze known affectionately as Vitrioli. Never ceasing in his creativity, Eli is known for bringing the spells he knows to the very limit of their power. Whether it is by inflicting maximum damage from a triply reflected lightning bolt, assisting his fighting comrades abilities by making them almost
indestructible, or by penning magic missile batteries, Eli proves himself to be a very capable mage.

Unlike many of his race, Eli finds action important and comments that he will find time to relax sometime in the future...when evil's grip on the land is relaxed. He has, however, found an interesting place that he hopes be his personal residence someday. Formerly called the Ziggurat of the Witches, Eli hopes to clean it up and turn it into a technological wonder using the information he and his henchmen sage Elendwhen have learned.  The Ziggurat is under his personal authority as Magister of Tan-El.

It should be noted that although Elendwhen is even more beautiful than Eli is handsome, their relationship is one based upon mutual interest in the technology that is Tan-El. Eli only truly loves Claude, Ecco, and some members of the Stone Soules. 


5th level Fighter that wields Hand Axe/Hand Axe. A stout Shabrundian dwarf with a fanatical devotion to Eli and possessing easily trodden upon feelings.

A friend of Eli for many years, Claude serves as a loyal compatriot and bodyguard of Eli. Unfortunately, Claude is afflicted with a mental illness that debilitates his self-worth and makes him obsessively clean his surroundings. This does not interfere with his shear damage-dealing capabilities in battle nor with the bond of friendship that ties Eli to Claude. Eli is currently pursuing options to free Claude from the illness and with all luck, Claude will be better soon.


1st level Sage of the Physical World/Constructs

Elendwhen recently joined Eli when she heard the stories Eli tell about the technological wonder that is Tan-El. She currently heads the internal research of Tan-El and has spent a good deal of time reading about the constructs that were used within Tan-El. A break through as a result of her last year of research enables her to correctly use Volt Batteries to power magical constructs of the Iron Man/Liquid Metal varieties. She is very excited and anticipates a chance to start constuction soon, since the plans to colonize Tan-El have been set in motion.


From the race known as Mika on the plane of Elysium. Appears as a golden lizard with glowing silver eyes.

Through careful trading, Eli was able to recover a spell of an extraordinary nature that allowed him to open a portal to an Outer Plane and befriend one of the inhabitants there. Answering his call was Ecco, the beautiful lizard only partially described here. He is occasionally seen with his head peering out over Eli's shoulder, but frequently chooses to conceal himself in a backpack or assume the guise that Eli travels in. In the latter case, Ecco appears as the slime covered, forked tongued counterpart of the incognito Eli. The contrast is no doubt humorous to Eli.

One interesting piece of information that is deducible about Ecco, is that since his addition, Eli is able to communicate with any intelligent being, be it a fanatically Lawful spear or a shapeshifting Grim.

Ludo "the Hand"

Played by Joey Hess

8th level Thief. Halfling male. He is known as "the Hand," because he is leader of "The Hand of the Council," a special police force of Tan-El which reports only to the Council and is, as such, above the law.  He has two halfling thief henchmen, Benvolio and Mercutio, who make up the rest of The Hand.  He may recruit more as the city grows. 

His friend Thurmond, shown here, is always with Ludo and gives him special powers and protections that make Ludo a very capable force all by himself. 

Thurmond art by Edwin Anderson (click to enlarge)

Ludo joined the party early on, after Faranyn but before even Snag and Dari.  He had always been a fanatically loyal party member, even when it meant lowering him on a rope into unknown territory, or removing a very dangerous trap.  A stereotypical response to a party danger was always, "Ceydric, does it look bad?"  This is because he always held the parties "last-ditch, cover-the-tracks, it's-now-or-never" items.  If something was about to overcome the party, often Ludo could pull something out of his pocket to save the day.  This was not because he had any strange magical powers, but simply because his insight and planning always helped the party when it needed it most.

He is very quiet and not much has been revealed about his past.  His position as "the Hand" fits perfectly into his personality.  He also has rich accommodations at the Observatory, since he is a major contributor to the project and had a network of halfling-sized tunnels and passages built into the structure.


Non-player character Mordrick                                          art by Edwin Anderson (Click to enlarge)

9th level Fighter/ 11th level Thief.  Dwarven male. Hero to the dwarven peoples.
Mordrick was rescued from the dungeons of Groorg the Cunning on one of the last adventures of the party. Little is known about him except for what he has revealed, and that other mountain dwarves seem very well disposed to him. He prefers to speak in dwarvish, so he spent a lot of time talking with Eli, but he seemed to have mastered Common in a relatively short amount of time Mordrick seems to have adventured by himself a great deal, but it is also clear from his comments that he has not always done so. Mordrick seems to have an arch-enemy he has spoken of a few times, Obmi, a dwarven prince gone over to the side of evil. Mordrick has mentioned in passing that he once slew a small tribe of hill giants, but most of his other statements are about exploring ancient ruins. Borin the dwarf, a former Stone Soule, seems to remember having heard of Mordrick as a dignitary of some sort.


Played by Joel Green

5th level Woodsman. Half-elven male with a thin, whispy beard.  Patrol Lieutenant for Tan-El.  Might be part of the "Daring Dozen" expedition through the Tunnel.

Rangorn is was born in Cromwell in 2138 (his father was Cromwellian) but raised almost exclusively in End, where he has resided for the past forty or so years. His parents both continue to live in relative peace in End. His father made an important career decision based almost entirely on the birth of the half-elf, and his unusual love of his elven wife. He moved his merchant stores and shopfront, leaving his former livelihood and most of his friends in Melbonia. Rangorn remembers virtually nothing of his first few years in the great city, or the subsequent journey to End, and his parents had spoken of it little, though it is clear that elves were not well-loved in Cromwell. 

Although his father lived an urban life, he had always felt somewhat uncomfortable in a city of Melbonia's magnitude and preferred the semi-solitude offered by End, one of the largest cities in the New World (although it is tiny compared to Melbonia). Rangorn's mother, a high elf, greatly disliked Melbonia and wanted her son to experience the wilderness of his heritage. His father agreed, and Rangorn began training as a woodsman. During his twenty-five years of training, the young half-elf met the intriguingly beautiful and skilled Dove (known to the rest of the world as Runt, a name Rangorn found painful to use). It was Runt's acquaintance with Canstin (soon after renamed Raven) that drew Rangorn to the Stone Soules. Rangorn respects the Rangers highly, but also slightly resents the limitations and restrictions of that group. He prefers a more wide-ranging but loosely unified group: friends without the strong expectations of the Rangers.

In appearance, Rangorn resembles a man in his mid-twenties. His hair, eye, and skin coloring are a mix of his heritage, lighter than that of most Dunadorians, but darker than the nearby elves. He is quite handsome, and full of energy. If he had been more charismatic, he might be considered dashing, but instead he seems somewhat withdrawn and sullen at inappropriate times. He is at best an average conversationalist. He has a lean frame that contains surprising strength at times. He carries a long composite bow and has been training with it from a very early age. He is generally eager to kill evil things, although he does not have the overwhelming hatred of some of the Rangers. He will participate on occasion offering what he thinks is a decent plan, but he is also somewhat impatient, and a very long discussion will bore him. He respects the Stone Soules, and wants to prove himself. He now bears the Ogreslaying falchion-sword Grunt-Ender in his job as Patrol Lieutenant of Tan-El.  A couple of his henchmen are main engineers for Tan-El's infrastructure rebuilding.

Also recently, Rangorn has become a Phaulkonian, which Alegra considers to be a wise and appropriate move.  Rangorn was dedicated to the religion of the God of Sky and Weather on 3 January 2185.

Sahrak the Travelling Story-Teller

Played by Sean Guarino

4th/5th level Illusionist/Thief. Gnomish male. White hair and gray eyes. Story teller who uses his illusions to further the excitement. Also does excellent practical jokes and tells good puns. Now master of a travelling circus.

Born in the Far World, Sahrak came over to the new world at a very young age (late 20's), and took up residence on a small island with his parents. Sahrak's father is a adventurer who retired due to a injury, and who likes to tell exaggerated stories of his adventuring. Sahrak grew up admiring the man, and decided that he wanted to due some adventuring sometime in his life. When he told his father this, his father used some old connections to get Sahrak trained as a thief. During his training, Sahrak was one day introduced to Eggy Gax, to whom he immediately took a liking. At this point, he started training as an illusionist under Eggy, paying his way by doing odd jobs for the gnome (i.e. helping set up practical jokes). Eventually, Sahrak finished all of his training and left to traverse the world to collect and tell stories. After many years, Sahrak established himself as a entertainer, and eventually ended up in End and running out of new material. There, he joined Stone Soules to get some material and get involved in adventuring. Towards the end of the Soules, he began to be useful to the party, but then it dissolved. When the party broke up, he created a travelling circus to see more of the world.


Played by Jack McKechnie

7th level Cleric of Aurora, Goddess of the Night Sky, Beauty and Fortune

Xavier of Aurora

art by Mike Kosteva
(click to enlarge)


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