Veterans of the Soules

This page contains the descriptions and some artwork for various Veterans of the Stone Soules.  Only those members who left the party prior to its break up in 2185 are listed here.  The leaders of the party are listed on the Triumvirate page.  All those who were Core Members of the party when it dissolved are listed as Core Members.  Those who died and were not successfully Raised are listed under Obituaries.

The Stone Soules Veterans:

Elana Rouge Bendallis played by Mike Reed

1st level Mage
Half-elven female. Retired following the death of her sister Jana to Teft, after the Soules first

Tallow played by Brad Loane

1st level Thief
Thought to have retired to hunting caravans in a most unscrupulous turn of events.  No doubt he would have been kicked out of the Stone Soules at some point if he hadn't quit himself.

Mutt played by Hersh Reddy

1st level Woodsman
Mutt was a dog-trainer who decided the adventuring career wasn't for him.  He and Hiefer left together.

Hiefer played by Kian Butterfield

1st level Warrior
A friend of Mutt's, Hiefer left for unknown reasons, but on good terms with the party.

Borin Firebuilder played by Chris Allen  art by Mike Kosteva

5th level Warrior, Dwarven male. Member of the Academy teams of the Regency of Cromwell.

BorinBorin was a charter member of the Soules, who was one of its primary fighters.  He was extremely successful while he was a member of the party and pulled off some daring and extremely brave maneuvers in his time.  At the end of his term with the SS, his family experienced some financial and personal troubles which required his attention as heir. After these problems were resolved, he and his Nevronian Cleric henchman Ratt went on to Cromwell where he joined one of the Academy teams. He has seen the SS time and again in its many travels on several journeys (which have often taken it to Cromwell) and is always considered a close friend of the party. The charter members who remain,
Ceydric and Alegra, are particularly close to Borin.   

Somp Damonocritus played by Kyle MacLea

1st level Woodsman
The shock that Somp's body took during an attack by Worgs in Petethal left him permanently shaken.  He is a fluent Elven and Common speaker and learned the work of a Scribe in the Druidic Village of Petethal.  When Middle was founded, the Soules remembered their own and invited him to come and work as Court Scribe, and he has been their ever since.

Mr. Aramir played by Jason Dans

1st/1st/1st level Cleric/Fighter/Mage
Extremely old elven male. Mr. Aramir was never right for adventuring.  In his first adventure, the party fled from angry demonspawn hurling spells and psionic attacks.  When Mr. Aramir got tired during the escape, Theo had to carry him or the party would have had to leave him behind. The party didn't want to kick him out, but felt he was a liability.  Still, the experience had left him scarred and he went back to his village of Sairt without even a goodbye.  

Gor Ebaum played by Hersh Reddy

4th level Warrior
Halfling male. Developed the name for the party. What exactly it means is still up to debate. Very proficient with a bow, and last known to be hunting "evil merchants."  Gor can assume the form of a raccoon, since during the Worg attack which injured Somp he was killed and reincarnated as a raccoon; later his true form was restored, but this gave him the ability to transform.

Snaggletooth played by Michael Chermside

4th level Warrior
Hobgoblin male. Left to one day lead his tribe, the Skullbreakers. Henchman/wife: Quickclaw, a fierce open hand/claw warrior. Snag had a speedy hand with the scimitar, and an attitude to match.  He was known to eat slain enemies, put on magical items without party approval, and run pell-mell into combat.  Also, watch out for Snag when he's charmed: he can be a mean customer, and Eli can tell you all about it.

Dari played by Rachel Smith

5th/5th level Druid/Thief
Half-elven female. Dari is the druid in charge of the Middle area.  She works closely with Faranyn to make the settlement environmentally friendly, and helps the farmers with their agricultural work.  A Grove is nearby, close to Tesla Ridge and the Observatory.

Jerem played by Jennifer Fazzari art by Jennifer Fazzari

5th level Sarkian Woodsman.

JeremJerem is a half-elven male with short blond hair and dark green eyes. He is fairly tall and lean, and nearly always clean-shaven.  He was a short addition to the Stone Soules, having traveled with them for only 3 years (2173-2176). Jerem's traveling clothes consist of emerald green jerkin and pants; leather armor (which covers only his torso); dark brown, hooded cloak; and dark brown, high, soft boots. His belt buckle has an engraved wolf on it with two green eyes (a present from his brother, Janthro), and his cloak clasp has an engraved horse on it with four green stones set around it (his personal sigil in his House).

Jerem is a very young half-elf, perhaps his most recognizable feature. He met the Stone Soules while traveling from his homeland in Sark. He doesn't talk much about his past, and no one in the party ever really asked. Jerem did refer frequently to his older brother Janthro, but mentioned no other family ties. While with the Stone Soules, Jerem formed strong friendships with Dari and Squire Pap (his closest age-mate in the group). Jerem also has a strong love of horses and has trained his own warhorse, Brightwind. Jerem's prefered weapons include his bow, long sword, and lasso.

In his tenure with the Stone Soules, Jerem showed a basic good nature and strong loyalty to his fellow party members. While he seemed at times to be relatively naive, Jerem is generally a calm and thoughtful young man. He is gentle, slow to anger, and trusting. He is skeptical with cause, and will defend a Lady, children, or other innocents without hesitation. He left with Janthro shortly after the party defeated a group of evil snake-worshippers in the ruined city of Tan-El.

Cassana played by Joey Hess art by Andy Holahan

5th level Woodsman.  Half-elven female.

Cassana is a powerful warrior with a long sword, and helps Patrol Captain Batt with organization of the patrols of Middle.  She is Patrol Lieutenant, second only to Batt in command of the patrols.  Though quiet, she is dependable and trustworthy.  She has been known to stick out her neck if her friends in the party or Middle's government needed help.  She maintains a good relationship with the party
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Sir Faranyn Arathorne of House Anserial

played by Kyle MacLea art by Andy Holahan

6th level Knight of Dunador. Governor of Middle-of-the-Road. Human male. Blond hair and blue eyes.       (Click to enlarge)

FaranynHelped to found the city of Middle-of-the-Road (or Middle for short). Cousin to Ceydric and joined the
party through him. Faranyn wields the intelligent scimitar Baleful.

Faranyn was born and raised in Secton. A minor child of an important family, he chose the adventuring life as a path
to glory and achievement. Trained as a cavalier in Secton, he also spent time as a child with his cousin Ceydric, who was also training to be a cavalier, in Dunthrane City. During the War, Faranyn was transferred to the School of Wizardry. Faranyn is somewhat loud and at times boastful, but he assumes heavy responsibility for the lives of his compatriots. If this means turning to fight the monster in single combat, so be it. In courtly life, Faranyn is a minimalist and feels that political intrigue is an evil to be stomped out if possible. Though certainly fond of a good meal and a bath, Faranyn considers war-time conditions to be not unusual. Faranyn is now a full Knight of Dunador.

Faranyn hopes to be married soon. He is courting Annette, the lovely and intelligent daughter of the Baron of End.  In pursuing Annette, he has put his adventuring career behind him.  While a threat to his safety or the safety of his lands or charges will always require him to take up arms, he realizes that a strong leader must be willing to delegate these tasks to his loyal and capable followers.  While he has often stumbled over his words in arranging a marriage with the Baron, Faranyn hopes that the Baron will see that at heart he loves Annette (a rare thing in a land of arranged marriages!) and will do any moral and reasonable thing he can to make her and all of his people happy and safe. 

He recently constructed an outpost at Beginning-of-the-Road. The fortification there is Fort Hollend.  Ceydric has also constructed an outpost between Beginning and Middle, at the road to the City-State of Kelburn.

The Followers, Henchmen, and Retainers of Faranyn:

Squire Pap

Faranyn's Squire Papilionidae is a 3rd level cavalier. He has brown hair and blue eyes. Though at times dim-witted, Pap is devoted and tough. He runs the armored patrol of Middle. He is currently studying to be a better leader, since his limited leadership skills have become a burden to Faranyn over the years.  Pap has been known to call Faranyn "boss."

Standard Bearer Nym

Nymphalidae is a pretty, blonde, blue-eyed, 1st level cavalier and Faranyn's Standard Bearer and Herald. She is extremely strong and tough, and sings with a beautiful voice. She is second-in-command to Pap in most situations. She has been known to see things that Pap may have missed, and so Faranyn values her insight and observation skills


Middle is a growing town in need of constant upkeep. Normabrahms has been Faranyn's henchman of many years. He works on wood and stone, and while rather scrawny and ugly, he is an indispensable part of the growing town. He is a clever architect and engineer, having reached 3rd level.  The townsfolk know him and love him.

Patrol Captain Batt

Battusphilenor has a strange-looking face, from which he got his nickname "Batt." When Middle was founded, Batt was picked up to lead its patrol shifts. As Captain of the Patrol, Batt leads a group of elves and half-elves to keep Middle's borders secure. He is now a 4th level woodsman. Cassana, a beautiful half-elven female woodsman of 5th level, is his Patrol Lieutenant.

High Councilor Leah

Leah is a charismatic Cleric of Nevron, the state religion of Dunador. She advises Faranyn in a more moderate view than many more conservative elements of the Church. In addition to her vast powers of observation and diplomacy, Leah is extremely wise and well known for it.  She has saved Faranyn much embarrassment and aggravation over the years.

High Wizard Windham

When the town of Middle began to grow and the Stone Soules brought back much magic from the nearby ruins, Sir Faranyn needed a magical advisor. Windham, a royal cousin, fit the bill perfectly. His mind was tempered by the time he spent training as a Paladin of Nevron and he grew in knowledge and wisdom. Thereafter, he sought training as a mage. His particular interest is divination magics. He has an extensive library, mostly gained through trading with the Stone Soules.  In fact, virtually every magical text which Eli has acquired has found its way into Windham's hands at some point.

Steward Rock

Rockinghamon, a steward, helped to build Fort Hollend and other fortifications at Beginning-of-the-Road. While only a 3rd level steward, he is a capable leader for the small fortress. He wields a Bugbear-slaying Bastard Sword. Faranyn picked up Rock in Secton, the town of his birth.


Mel, Pili, and Ax serve as the medium cavalry that patrols with Pap and Nym daily.
Watson and Crick are heavy crossbowmen who work inside the tower, on special observation duty.  You might call them spies, but they mostly just work to keep people honest. They can coordinate very well with Leah who also has skills in picking up their signals.  Darwin is Faranyn's siege-engine specialist.

Other help

, the steward of Middle, runs the keep and fortifications. He was recently married to the Head Cook at the Dockside Restaurant.  Al and his men represent the Central Government forces at Middle.  If he is ever recalled to serve elsewhere, Faranyn will certainly take him into his personal service, but he does not want to do so now, lest the more extreme government appoint a hard-liner to the post.  Anine is Faranyn's butler. Somp is the Court Scribe.  Dari is the Druid of Middle


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