Friends of the Stone Soules

Friends of the Stone Soules
"With friends like these, who needs enemies?"


Groups and Organizations

Warwick and the Special Troops Rangers:  Worked together on the whole mess involving the Dark Servant in Cromwell.  Warwick is a Phaulkonian convert and (hard as it is to believe) a Holy warrior, participating in several Holy Quests.

The Daring Dozen: The Dozen grew in power quickly after some initial bad encounters in Tan-El.  They respect the Stone Soules, and the SS have even gained a respect for the Dozen through their process of maturing as a party.

The Church of Phaulkon:  The main Cleric of the SS, Alegra, started the connection with the Church.  It has been exceedingly profitable to the Church and has made the party a great number of friends within its ranks.

The Colony of Middle: A town started by the Soules is likely to bear them some honor.  A former Soule, Sir Faranyn, is also the Governor.

The Restinford DefendersOriginally:  They have a Phaulkonian Cleric, so they'd probably get along, and they probably have a connection through Cassian as a result (Maybe also Donald through Wicker to Eli).  But the groups themselves have never actually met.  Now:  This has changed since the simultaneous retirement of both parties in September 2185.  Cassian and Alegra have hooked up for a number of adventures during the 5 years since, and the parties have at least exchanged greetings at a few events, notably a party in Hoch Och in 2185.

The Observatory and Institute for Sky Studies: One of Alegra's greatest works is to have gained the money and connections to purchase a fantastic telescope for the Church (along with the Aurorans).

Rage Against Injustice: New adventurers in Middle and Tan-El, RAI has been "taken under wing" by the Soules and Sir Faranyn.  There is hope that they will be a powerful force for good in the area.

The Little People: A powerful halfling party that the SS met in their days in Teft, the Little People have been pursuing the evil Demonspawn, a goal worthy of great friendship with the Soules.

The Cromwellian Academy Teams: Borin, former Charter Member of the Stone Soules, is an Academy Team member and a trusted friend of the original party.

The Knife: The Stone Soules got their start as flunkies for the Knife.  Now the Soules have gone beyond their trainers' dreams for them, but they remain fond of their friends in the Knife.


Individuals who are friends of the Soules

Gram or Gramaliustranstalus played by David Chappell

Both a fighter and a scholar, Gram has been with several adventuring groups and has written several books. He is a human male, in his 20s, with green eyes, brown hair, moderately strong, and a medium build. He is around 5'10", and a very good-looking man. Gram's skin shows signs of old  scars, but they are neither recent nor many. He carries a longsword and dagger. Uses a staff when on foot and he's good with horses. Gram has three animals with him--a hawk, a dog, and a horse.

In the guise of Gerald Stewart, Gram dressed in earth-color brown & green clothes with a brown cloak. He also wore leather armor and used a bow.

As himself, Gram wears brighter, nicer clothes and wears chain mail. Gram sometimes carries a sling, and he has a magical lute.  He occasionally pulls out his camoflage clothing for scouting missions.

In addition to his adventuring activities, Gram is also the author of several books, the most notable of which is The Telvar Gazetteer. Gram's has now completed The Telvar Bestiary and the third edition of his popular Gazetteer.  He is very interested in going through the Tunnel in Tan-El once the way is cleared, to research the wonders of the City in the Mountains (also known as the City of the Gods, or the City of Gold).

Janthro played by Jennifer Fazzari  artwork by Jennifer Fazzari

5th level Sarkian Woodsman.  Brother to Jerem. Jerem and Janthro
Janthro (on the right in the picture) is a half-elven male with long russet hair and green eyes. He is very tall and wiry with an intensity about his features. Janthro's traveling clothes consist of a tan jerkin and pants; dark brown studded leather armor (which covers only torso); Emerald green, hooded cloak; and high, soft, dark brown boots. Both cloak clasp and belt buckle set with three green stones. While initially trained in a variety of weapons, he has forsaken most of them to favor a quarterstaff, with which he is fast, and if necessary, deadly. 

Janthro is often recognized by a scar that runs from just below his left ear to the middle of his throat. A "souvenir" from a battle he nearly lost, he keeps it to remind him the value of caution. His slightly angular face and pointed ears mark his elven blood; although he stands nearly six feet tall. With his hair worn long over the ears, Janthro can pass for human.

Janthro is a quiet, taciturn man of strong opinions. He is well-centered and confident. He is loyal to his friends, and a fearsome fighter if they have been hurt or threatened. He is slow to trust, so trust from others means a lot to him.  Janthro is a very honorable man and will adhere to his personal code of right and wrong unwaveringly. As will his brother Jerem, Janthro defends a Lady, children, or other innocents without hesitation. He will not act without thinking, but he will act in some manner to protect them. His honor is of great important to him, and it was the conflict between duty and honor that has kept him from the Rangers. He has gotten very creative to avoid braking his word, but he has not broken it yet. "Never lie when misdirection is enough" is one of his favorite quotes. In other words, he will bend his words and the situation to the breaking point if he must in order to keep his sworn word. Thus, he gives his word very selectively.

Janthro is also the ultimate big brother. He is smart, cautious, protective, and tough. Janthro is extremely protective of his friends, particularly any females in the party. If he cannot keep them from danger, he will try to keep them close enough to him so that he can protect them in combat. He is also at times intense, brooding, and somewhat cynical. He has been affectionately classified as slightly paranoid on more than one occasion. Janthro believes this has kept him alive long enough to practice his paranoia.

Despite his relatively rational nature, Janthro can be quick tempered, especially if someone discovers his "hot buttons." One, which will always get a reaction, is to harm his brother Jerem in any way. Harming his friends is another, as is insulting his honor. But he is not completely indiscriminate in his anger or attacks. If pushed too far, he will attack before he will back down, fighting alone if he has to. However, he will not lose all sense when he fights--if it is a pitched battle, he will withdraw until a better opportunity to win presents itself. In such combat, he will fight to disable and end things as quickly as possible, pain such actions may cause is irrelevant. He will not draw a blade on the party. 

But despite these facts, Janthro's innate confidence usually results in the assessment that he is a competent opponent and well-chosen friend. Once Janthro decides that someone is a friend, he will protect them and trust them with his life. He encourages loyalty and trust among his friends. He is considered to be a valued leader because he is both quick-witted and worldly-wise. While more comfortable in the forest, he is capable in the city as well. He is a very good judge of character, and while never the best at any one thing, he is better than most at many things. He is decisive and confident. Basically a good commander.

Janthro was born in 2143, the same year that Sark fell into chaos. His early childhood is a mystery to all but his closest friends, but at the young age of twenty-three, he enlisted in Baron Trelman's service to protect the Stonelands from the Far World Empire. He served there for a few years, rising to the command of a small, highly-trained guerrilla force. He was with this force, on a raid of the enemy-held manor house in London, that his throat was cut. How and why this occurred is a closely kept secret of the "Barron's Left Hand" or the unit which Janthro led.

Immediately after this incident, Janthro began focusing on his work with a driven intensity. It was also at this point that Janthro's younger brother, Jerem, appeared in the military camp. Janthro raised his brother and helped get Jerem trained while working for Baron Trelman. When Kilroy arrived in Sark with the late Sarkian King's advisor in the late 2170's, Trelman, and thus Janthro, allied with the new government. The renewed attempt to defeat the Far World Empire has resulted in Janthro spending
more time at his duties and less with his brother. It was in one of these absences that Jerem left to join the Stone Soules.  Later, Janthro retrieved his brother from the Soules.


Those Unknown or Indifferent to the Soules

The Seapoint Lightning:  A connection is possible through the Defenders, but this lawful party is unlikely to have much interest in the SS.

S.M.A.R.T. (The Syndicate of Master Adventurers for the Recovery of Treasure): SMART got to Tan-El before the Soules, but eventually abandoned it because of a high "work : treasure" ratio

Death from Above

Alvin's Party (The Chipmunks):  The Stone Soules started the same year as this group of "go-for-broke" adventurers, in Teft.  When the SS took to land, Alvin took to the water.  His shrewd adventuring has enabled him to advance quickly.  Despite some initial opportunities to adventure together, there is no great love between the parties.

The Knaves of Clubs (deceased): Though they perished in Tan-El while trying to steal the Behir's treasure, they were kind enough to leave the Stone Soules a few magic items and a description of their search. 


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