The Triumvirate of the Stone Soules
Alegra Falconer

Alegra Falconer,
Cleric of Phaulkon

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Sir Ceydric Arathorne of Anserial

Sir Ceydric,
Knight of Dunador

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Alegra Falconer

Played by Kyle MacLea

8th level Priestess of Phaulkon, God of the Sky and Weather.
Human female, middle-aged. Red (graying) hair and blue eyes. When the party dissolved, she was one of the two remaining charter members and a Leader of the party. She is now the Sapienter of Tan-El, one of the three Councilors. Henchmen are: Astronomicon "Star" Phillips, Aria Palia Gree, Sean, and Frank. She has an Eagle for a Companion, named Guile.

Alegra grew up in the suburbs of Teft. Her father was an unsuccessful woodcarver and timber merchant and her mother grew vegetables both for sale and to keep the family from starving. An only child, Alegra grew timid as her father became progressively abusive. When her mother died, she ran away to the Temple of Phaulkon, where she had spent many afternoons while her mother sold vegetables in town. It was there that she began her love of Falconry.  Other than fuzzy but happy memories of her mother, the Temple is really the only family she can remember well and she treats her fellow clergy and neophytes as such. Since joining the party, she has come to truly love many of its members as wonderful friends. She is particularly close to Ceydric, Theo, and Eli, despite her periodic differences of opinion with them.

By no means would she be considered a forceful speaker despite her considerable strength in oratory. Her manner is in general quiet but contemplative. She will often comment on the wonderful aspects of weather around her. Despite her shy demeanor, she is irritated by competition in the party and among its members. She also does not care for politics, since it so often diminishes a person's guaranteed freedoms.

One day she hopes to journey to the Fane of the Winds, a major holy site for Phaulkonians, and reclaim it in the name of Phaulkon. She is a founder of the Tan-El Observatory and Institute for Sky Studies, and a major benefactor. She wields an awesome magical crossbow of speed and Devilstriker, a Holy Phaulkonian crossbow of speed that decimates devils.


5th level Cleric of Phaulkon. Human male, blond hair and green, sparkling eyes.
Alegra's henchman of many years, Star is somewhat eccentric. He has a keen interest in epic poetry, gems and jewelry, relics, spell identification, and meteorology. Though often looked at as "strange" and "random," Star is quite a likeable fellow. He really enjoys the company of Alegra and loves her in a brotherly way. He is devoted and will gladly put himself at great risk to save her or many members of the Stone Soules. He has been known to distract enemies, leap under huge monsters to grab a needed scroll, or otherwise do what is necessary to help Alegra and the party.  Soon Star will be able to head up a Church himself and take on students.  Alegra is thinking of releasing him from service so he can be head of the Church of Tan-El and train new Clerics.


5th level Cleric of Phaulkon. Human female, dark brown hair and blue eyes.
Joined Alegra some time after Star, but has advanced quicker. She is very interested in going to the Fane of the Winds, and has dedicated all of her skills to the endeavor. She is a tough, mountaineering and climbing woman, who is extremely quiet. She might be considered the antithesis of Star, but they have a lot more in common than you might suspect on initial contact. On 1 August 2182, she married the Ranger Sean. She is beginning to open up a little more since being married. She hopes to have children soon, and is interested in establishing the Church in Tan-El while she waits for Alegra to gain the rank necessary to reestablish the Holy Site of the Fane.


2nd level Ranger. Human male, light brown hair and brown eyes.
A Phaulkonian Ranger, Sean liked the idea of being a henchman to the powerful Alegra. He has a keen interest in mathematics and linguistics. It is clear that he is a very bright, strong, fellow. He wields a high-quality spear and works as a defender of the Phaulkonian faith. He is married to Aria and dotes on her. He feels that his responsibility to Aria is based both on his love of her and on her status as a holy woman of the Church. He is probably eligible for 3rd level after the Southern Wilderness adventures.


1st level Bowyer-Fletcher (specializing in crossbows). Human male, brown hair and brown eyes. He is somewhat scrawny looking and rather young. Joined Alegra at the same time as Sean. He is obsessed with trying out new mechanisms and gadgets, to a distraction.  Frank has become a Phaulkonian. He makes crossbows in Middle at his store, right next to the State Store, called, unsurprisingly, Frank's Crossbows. He is working on special, new designs, including hand crossbows and others. He is rapidly advancing as a successful bowyer-fletcher.


3rd level Cleric of Phaulkon. Human male, brown hair and blue eyes, of Dunadorian descent.
Not a henchman of Alegra, but officially assigned to head the Middle Church of Phaulkon. He tends to defer to Alegra in most matters theological, but takes very seriously his charge to protect the Church and so tends to follow his own orders in those matters. His skills lie chiefly in conversion, and he concentrates on normal Dunadorians, travelling merchants, and elves if they ever come to visit. His conversions have given him valuable experience over the years, for which he will advance quickly through the ranks of the Church.


4th level Warrior.  Human male, of Petethalian ancestry.  Like Alexandros, he is not a henchman of Alegra, but a close associate. Once a guard lieutenant in a caravan company, Wren's last job was attacked by a bugbear raiding party.  Though all the other guards and merchants were slain, Wren was captured and put to work in the bugbear slave camps.  The Stone Soules attacked the village and rescued the slaves, of which Wren was one of many.  When the other slaves were returned to Middle, he wished to stay with the party.  He admired the party for coming to rescue him, and especially respected Sean's gift of weapons and armor so he could fight for awhile with the Soules.  At Middle, he became a Phaulkonian and was very interested in working at the Observatory.  Alegra has appointed him Guard Captain of the Phaulkonian forces at the Observatory.

Sir Ceydric Arathorne

Played by Zack Hubert

7th Level Grand Knight of Dunador
Human male with black hair and strong build. He serves as champion of the colony Middle, which he helped found. He also has founded an outpost half-way between the outpost of Beginning and Middle. At the dissolution of the Stone Soules, he was one of two charter members remaining, and a Leader of the party. He bears the intelligent longsword Scythe and wears magical full plate armor.

Squire: Henry
Standard Bearer/Adviser: Gauss
Men-at-arms: Wolfram, Uri, Ron, and the Nameless Masses
Henchman: The Armorer Weber

Ceydric was born and raised in Dunthrane City, capital of the great country of Dunador. Choosing the life of chivalry over politics, Ceydric began training at a very early age to become a Cavalier, champion of the weak and of noble causes. When the possibility of testing his mettle against the real evils of the world arose, Ceydric left the pleasures of Dunthrane and joined the Stone Soules. After founding the colony of Middle in the north eastern reaches of Dunador, Ceydric once again left the possibility of ruling to another. Thus, his cousin Faranyn is now Governor of Middle. Ceydric is an ever restless spirit seeking the destruction of evil wherever it can be found. After pacifying the ancient city of wonders "Tan-El" to further secure the safety of the commoners living near by, he and the SS went to the Southern Wilderness to fight evil there. Ceydric has the slight honor of being the first to be knighted under the new King. Now that the Soules have dissolved, he is seeking out other opportunities to vanquish evil wherever it may be found.


Non-player character

8th level Warrior
Human male. Before the party broke up, he was one of the three Leaders of the party. Middle-aged.  Now both Commander of forces in Tan-El and High Praetor of Tan-El.  The High Praetor is the elected Councilor (one of a three Council-members).

Theo met the party in Teft looking for something to do. He had been working as a bodyguard and was bored with the job. Theo was a bit overenthusiastic about adventuring at first, but he mellowed after the first bad encounter. He never was very interested in adventurers and their stories, and he is ignorant about magic, monsters, and the fantastic, and has made no real effort to change this fact. If it wasn't relevant to the Stone Soules' plans, then it probably wasn't worth worrying about. Theo's extremely conservative philosophy is unusual for an adventurer, but reflects the caution needed in his previous job as a bodyguard. He became interested in tactics since he joined the party and spends some of his free time thinking about scenarios. Often he hangs out with Ludo, who shares his dislike of unnecessary talk. He wields the wicked-looking magical two-handed sword Starchaser.


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