Telvar Timelines

Telvar Timelines

Adventures by Party

Restenford Defenders: 2172-2185
Stone Soules: 2167-2185
Seapoint Lightning: 2173-2174
Longblades: 2183-2185

Separate Adventures

Following the breakup of the Stone Soules, Alegra led a number of missions including a number of ex-Stone Soules members, as well as a few of the member of the Restenford Defenders, and Warwick's Company.

Following the breakup of the Defenders, Cassian and Balinor adventured together (2186-2189), and then formed separate parties, as of 2190.

Warwick adventured with Stone Soules (2180-2181), later with Alegra (2186-2190), and finally with Cassian (2190-2191).

Alegra's Adventures: 2186-2190
Cassian's Adventures: 2186-2191
Balinor's Adventures: 2186-2190
Warwick's Adventures: 2180-2191 (and also much earlier)

The Telvar Open Tournaments (usually biannually)

The Sixth Telvar Open:  1 April 2188

The Seventh Telvar Open:  8 December 2191


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