Stone Soules Party Goals

Shortly after the Soules arrived in the End area and had established a stake in its development and continued existence, they compiled a list of personal goals of members of the party that the group could use for direction. By no means is this an exhaustive list of priorities of the Soules, but this is the list that was kept in the Log of the SS. Some of the goals listed were silly or even considered impossible at the time of their penning. Some remained that way after the party matured in its later years; others became possible through greater power, skillful trading, or the assistance of allies.

The symbols used on this page are the following:   acc = Accomplished by the party ;  notacc = Not accomplished by the party, and probably never will be;  ongoing = This remains a party or strong personal goal even after the disbanding of the party to colonize Tan-El ; future = This may be completed at some point in the future by individuals or sub-groups from within the former party.  None of these have been updated since the breakup of the party.  Check the Adventures pages to see if they might have been done subsequently.

The Original List

notacc Find the Codex of Defense

Originally: The Codex is considered by sages to have been forever lost in the dark ages.  The party thought that if Kilroy could recover the ancient Codex of Constructs, then the SS could recover this defensive counterpart.
Now: It is not worth the group's time to chase after ghosts.  The Codex may be out there, but the party won't be searching for it anytime soon...

notacc Kill the Behir, Rozaroc

Originally: The Behir was a constant annoyance to exploration of Tan-El.  It would be really cool to kill the beast, and claim the longevity potions that a properly prepared alchemical process can provide from the immortal beast.  Even then, the party wasn't stupid enough to think it could actually accomplish this, however.
Now: Still, the party believed it was not possible for them to kill the beast.  Even calling in numerous favors and the use of many magical items would not be sufficient, and likely result in many innocent deaths.

acc Get the Behir to leave

Originally: The party had no idea how to do this, but was highly in favor of it.  Then they could "[explore the city] unimpeded!"
Now: After a long and arduous quest to recover the Mithril Key necessary to free the Behir from his bondage, the party grudgingly let the Behir leave Tan-El.

notacc Steal the Behir's treasure (without her knowing it was us)

Originally: Inspired by the hapless quest of the Knaves of Clubs, a now-deceased adventuring party, the Stone Soules thought, "Gee, we could do that!"
Now: Hah!

ongoing Clear out the city (Tan-El), so people can live there

Originally: This was thought by the party to be just as fanciful as the previous ideas on the list, but we figured we'd put it in just to round out the list.
Now: Well on the way to fulfilling this goal, or at least that's the idea!

notacc Destroy the Cult of the Black Flame

Originally: The party agreed that the Cult was "a bunch of bad-news guys" that "should be dealt with harshly, and preferably, with big pointy swords."  Beyond that, the group didn't know much.
Now: It's pretty much agreed by those in-the-know that the Cult's structure is shot and that it won't be making any great comebacks anytime soon.  Orimaxes, the new Librarian of Tan-El, is committed to helping fight this Cult and any other evil cult wherever it should show up.

acc Wipe out the Great Ones (in Tan-El)

Originally: The "lesser" ones are hard enough to deal with!
Now: The "Great" Ones were slaughtered relatively easily with help from our friends from Koralgesh (Letier, Duke Charles, etc.) and the Dunadorian Province of Estwurl (Duke Konrad, Memphis, etc.).

acc Go through Tyner's Door (Find the "key")

Originally: There must be a key to get behind the multiply-trapped doors in Tyner's pagoda! The essence of "a being of pure evil encased in tar" dripped from the ceiling of a room above and behind one of the doors. There must be something important there.
Now: Tyner's rooms revealed many secrets and important information as well as useful spells for the party mage, Eli.

ongoing Go to the Fane of the Winds

Originally: Alegra sought to convince the party to undertake her personal religious goal as a party goal.  But since Alegra needed to reach the level of High Priestess before the artifact could be activated, it was pointless to continue.
Now: Alegra has become High Priestess and is leading a mission to the Fane to reclaim it for Phaulkon.

future See the Adventuring Reserve

Originally: The greatest and most dangerous adventuring site in the world. Though other locations are probably feared more, none require the amount of sheer power necessary to survive in the Reserve for long.  The Soules wanted to see it, even if they didn't actually want to adventure in it.
Now: The greatest reason the SS never went to the Reserve was the distance and time necessary to travel there. It is possible some remnant of the Soules will at some point in the future, however.

future Recover the recipe for Vitrioli

Originally: The powerful paraelemental ooze weapon recovered from the "lesser" demonspawn residences in Tan-El was quite useful to the party. Though the basic elements of the substance were known to the group, the proportions and specifics of the recipe were unknown.
Now: The stuff would still be great to have as a weapon, but the Soules never took any steps toward discovering the recipe.

ongoing Figure out the constructs and machines in the city

Originally: The party wanted to understand Tan-El's constructs so as to make their exploration easier, to satisfy their curiousity, and maybe to kick some of the evil denizens of the city out of their lairs.
Now: Eli's sage henchman Elendwhen and other research has helped the party to understand many of the city's constructs and machines.  There is still much to be learned. "Yellow and Blue make Green."  If that's supposed to be an answer, we have much to learn.

acc Find the WindSocks

Originally: A neat, but unlikely Holy Quest for Alegra.  She only had to convince the devout Druid and devout Nevronian to go along.  Right.
Now: She did, however, manage to convince her convert Warwick, Warder of Phaulkon, that it was an important quest.  He successfully completed it and now wears the Windsocks.

acc Go to the Southern Waste

Originally: This land of adventure to the south of Dunador beckoned.
Now: The party did actually see the Southern Waste, but decided that it was "long stretches of boredom" and passed it up for adventuring in Tan-El.

acc Go to Koralgesh

Originally: Koralgesh is a city of wonder and a new capital of adventuring.  Every adventurer worth his salt wanted to see it.
Now: The entire party did see it, in the end, but it was far enough away from the non-sea adventures the party specialized in to be uninteresting.

acc Check out the stain in Tyner's tower

Originally: What's that black stuff?  Eeeeooo!
Now: You guessed it.  Vampires imprisoned in elemental earth (a.k.a. a light chocolate mousse).  No, really.

acc Explore the Library

Originally: The party had seen how much money went into the construction of any good library.  With the preservation techniques used in Tan-El, it could be vastly useful and awesome.  Plus, Eli was drooling all the way back to Middle.
Now: Yup, the party got in.  It was not until they dealt with Tellah through Orimaxes that they were truly satisfied.  Besides, all the books were gone, "but we got new ones!"

future Go to Old Frosty

Originally: Quirky, scary, Phaulkonian Holy Quest?
Now: Quirky, scary, Phaulkonian Holy Quest.  Perhaps we're older and wiser, though.  Does that mean we know we're supposed to stay away with more conviction now?

future Deal with the Roc

Originally: A huge Roc prevented mining operations west of End.  The government wanted to kill it, but it saw that solution as temporary.  Alegra's love of birds prompted her to want to help in a non-violent way.
Now: The solutions all seemed unworkable, including the prospect of killing it.  Better left alone?

notacc Investigate the Weird Woods

Originally: Weird woods spring up overnight in Dunador.
Now: Never got around to it.  Could be very boring, too.

Other Goals of the Soules

Many goals were implicit in many of the actions of the Soules, but were never explicitly stated in the Party Goals List. At some point this list may actually be fleshed out (no - grad school is enough work, thank you), but until then... You'll have to be satisfied by reading the party History-in-Brief, or the Summaries and Logs.


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