The Heraldry of Tan-El

Tan-El Heraldry
"A symbol for a new era of peace, prosperity, and... what was that last part again?"

The Banner of the Council (The Standard of Tan-El)

Council Banner 

The Banner consists of a thick band of azure on the hoist of the flag, one-quarter of the length of the fly; a black fimbration separates the band of azure from the field of argent (white) which makes up the balance of the fly; three four-pointed stars denote the Council, each measured as one-eighth of the length of the fly in height and breadth, white (argent), yellow (or), and azure in order (accented in black), with the yellow star centered on the fimbration; the stars shall be situated in the upper one-third of the hoist.  The white star denotes the High Praetor, the yellow, the Sapienter, and the azure, the Magister.  The Personal Banner of each of the Councilors bears the charge in the center of the field of argent of the appropriate color star, rendered at twice the size.  The Hand of the Council's Banner features the charge of a large azure hand, thumb sinister, on the black fimbration below the stars; the band of azure is also rendered argent. All banners feature an aspect ratio of 10:19 height:width.

The Heraldric Shield of Tan-El

Tan-El Heraldry 

The Shield is the common shield in use by all authority, including civil, military, and police, within the city-state.
Tyner's pagoda is depicted beneath an open book and three stars, representing power, scholarhship and knowledge, and the Council.


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