The Wedding of Edwin & Katherine

Edwin Meets His Match

Read the Scroll Describing the Great Event (follows) or Cast Your Eyes into Alan's Divining Pool for a view of the Festivities!

WINDS (with the original suggestion made by David Chappell, so you can blame

Summary #85: The Gathering

Party Roster:
Edwin Anderson, 12 hp, 12th level DM, played by Edwin
Katherine Plante Anderson, 9 hp, 12th level bride, played by Katherine
And many guests/ NPCs

We last left our beleaguered couple in snowy Ithaca. Well, the weather cleared and party
used their druidic abilities to transform into eagles and fly south into the "Southern
Wilderness" of Winston-Salem. Most of the party stayed at a local inn at 5 gp / night
called "La Quinta," meaning in Spanish/ Runic III, "the bill." Ok, so I can't translate that

A number of PCs arrived from more distant places, and Sean's suit took 1d6 water
damage (no wound) in a particularly nasty encounter with a dripping airplane air
conditioner, but a sun drying healing check saved the suit for the upcoming ceremonies.
We met in the tavern lobby under the watchful eye of the other patrons, and carefully
scouted out the swimming pool.

Some of us wore our Teft quality suits (reasonable quality suits at reasonable prices)
while others brought theirs from the glamorous stores of the great cities. Some had
magically enchanted shoes that shined brightly.

Well, at the ceremonies, the plan went off successfully. Edwin and Katherine each made
a Remember Detail check (07 and 06 respectively!) and recited their vows without
hesitation. Edwin's successful charisma check convinced the audience to agree to witness
the ceremony, and then their was the traditional Ring of Protection exchange. They
completed the ceremony and gained access to the fabled Combine School of Magic.

As they did this, an army of trolls attacked the Consecrated holy ground, but the party
held firm and beat them back without loss, although Alex's short sword broke. Despite
hundreds of will-o-wisps leading the couple astray (1d3 wet attack), summoned and
bound to white roses (high magic) by the evil-minded guests who had infiltrated the party,
Edwin & Katherine managed a daring escape by quickly leaping upon their gleaming
two-tone silver steed which lumbered away under the sure hand of King Ranore
(disguised as the Steward), while the rest of the party (mostly level 1 & 2 navigators)
lagged behind, trying desperately to find their way to the castle.

With an amazingly low number of encounters the party managed to reach the reception
area, a small castle containing a buffet and cake. The front door was locked, but we
picked it and gained access to the courtyard. Beautiful tapestries (rolled a 96 on the dice)
worth almost 5000 gp hung on the walls, as did a number of works of pottery and very
stylish furniture from the Realm of North Carolina. However, we were wary of taking
them as they appeared to be trapped.

P0000648sm photo by Alan Jones

Edwin made a successful attack roll to cut the cake, hitting AC -4. The cake was
extremely tasty, and it healed 1 hp of damage each.

Many old friends were reunited and there was much talk of Guillotines and Nuclear War,
as well as some Bridges and Magic and Hearts. We traveled from the castle to Keith's
manor, wherein we continued the buffet and talk and games. Eventually, Edwin and
Katherine made their Move Silently rolls and escaped the castle as well.

The party then split up to get trained, with a number of PCs heading back to their
respective adventuring locales in Texas and California and New York. Next time, will the
characters survive the 12 hour drives/ flights?

Joel with assistance from Keith, Rachel, and minor editing from Kyle

Keith noted:

It should be noted, for the record, that Edwin was seen quaffing a Potion of Endurance
prior to their departure from my manor home...

wink wink nudge nudge

King Ranore


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