Wizard Mountain Characters

The Members of the Larry Consortium

The Front Line and Other Warriors:

6th level halfling fighter, 65 hp (Joel)

Brother to the late Hhune, the diminuitive halfling's ability to survive impacts is unsurpassed (including, at one point, a vampire's blood drain).  At two feet, eight inches tall, his ability to kill his opponent is less impressive.  In his first attack with his short bow, Halacar broke his arrow, tripped, and fell into Brigling, taking them both off the cliff.  Halacar undergoes frustrating dry spells in melee combat as well, where he wields a nasty falchion.  Halacar's demeanor is eternally cheerful and completely unfazeable even by the sardonic Standish.  His inner heart though, has a hidden chill to it.  Halacar is loyal to his friends, but he has absolutely no scruples when it comes to dealing with his enemies.

Standish 6th level half-orc fighter, 63 hp (Katherine)

Standish is a brute of a man, crude with words, and insufferably and outlandishly eloquent in the naming of his dogs.  He is also the party's most devastating fighter, able to tear through lines of enemies in moments.  Standing more than twice the size of his primary fighting partner, Standish wields a devastating magical bastard sword with a particular hatred for reptiles.  He is always accompanied by two dogs, his durable war dog Cromwell, and an revolving door of guard dogs (including Winston,
Weatherby, Hampton, Hinton, Percy, and the like).  Standish is one of only three surviving original party members.

Duran 4th level human woodsman, 29 hp (Kyle)

Duran is the sole surviving representative of the party's two short range weapon specialists, wielding throwing daggers. The daggers are surprisingly useful, but very short range.  Duran has an annoying "faux-French accent."

Zero 4th level human fighter, 15 hp (Kyle)

Zero is the party's most bizarre fighter, wielding the short sword while blinded by his helmet, using only his keen "sonar" skills to fight effectively.  He often makes vague comments about specialized training methods and blocking out all distractions in fighting situations.  Something about "not being fooled by your eyes" usually makes its way into any conversation with Zero about tactics.  He is perhaps best known for his Ring of Blinking, which cannot be stopped once set off and brings him both into the fray and out of the fray, willy-nilly.  Surprisingly, it has been useful to him time and again.  Currently, Zero has sold his Ring and is living in his parents' garage, hoping that a little downtime will miraculously increase his hitpoints.  He'll be waiting a long time.

Squibb 3rd level half-orc fighter, 28 hp (Alan)

Karnash 3rd level half-orc fighter, 19 hp (Mark)

Crack 3rd level half-orc woodsman, 25 hp (Alan)

James 3rd level human paladin, 31 hp (Zack)

James is a powerful paladin wielding a scimitar.

Flechette 3rd level halfling fighter, 28 hp (Aaron)

Flechette is a durable and dangerous halfling bow specialist who uses the short composite bow.

Schreck Robinson 3rd level half-orc fighter, ?? hp (David Bjorlin)

Schreck is a katana specialist.

Healing Support:

Browork 6th level dwarf cleric, 41 hp (Joel)

Browork is a durable dwarven battle-cleric.  He wields the hammer with competence, and can hurl a decent array of clerical spells.  His ability to provide a backup fighter has proved valuable to the party, as well as his spell support.  Browork is typically gruff for a dwarf, and bears no mercy for goblins and
the like, but is at heart a friend to be trusted.  An original party member.

Katrina 4th level half-elf cleric, 20 hp (Jeff)

Katrina may be slightly more frail than Browork, but she is the more effective spellcaster, and has saved the party several times on the expeditions in which she has taken part.

Rex 1st level human fighter/3rd level cleric, 24 hp (Kyle)

Rex is a specialist in the horseman's mace who was moved to join the warrior priesthood and advance the cause of Good.  He fights with great strength and enthusiasm and girds himself in powerful Field Plate armor to improve his survivability.  Though Rex has purchased Zero's Ring of Blinking, he also borrows the party's Horseman's Mace +4 whenever he adventures with the party.  When spell-casting, Rex tends to focus on offensive spells and leave most of the Cures to others.  Rex is eager to adventure more and advance himself.

Harry 3rd level half-elf cleric, 18 hp (Chris)

Harry (short for a longer elven name) is your friendly neighborhood cleric.

Klash 1st/3rd level human fighter/cleric, 18 hp (?) (Mark)

Arcane Support:

4th level mage, 15 hp (Alex)

The main recipient of the party's wizard spells, and its main wizard.

Jim 3rd level mage, 12 hp (Sean)

Jim had a long hiatus from the party but eventually returned to use his magic missile skills once again.

Rhisa, 1st level fighter // 3rd level mage, 22 hp (Dean)

Rhisa is a mage with Magic Missiles and normal missiles - in this case, bow specialization!


7th level halfling thief, 39 hp (Katherine)

Brigling is the party's stealthy component and ranged attack force, and all around scout and trap removal service, and knife in the back service, all rolled into one.  He has survival chances well beyond most party members and puts this to good use, providing the Larry Consortium with several options when confronted with a problem.  An original party member, and the highest level one as well.

Flit 4th level elf thief, 17 hp, (Matt)

The Retired of Unknown Status:

, woodsman (Sean)
"Sean's Monk"
"Jack's Characters"

The Deceased, in order of Perishing:

, fighter (Joel)
Frag, woodsman (Alan)
Kelric, fighter (Alex)
El Guapo, fighter (Jeff)
Alain, fighter (Alex)
Lissar, mage (Alex)
Thudd, fighter (Alan)
Jefe, woodsman (Jeff)
Nass, 3rd level illusionist, 6 hp (Alex)
Skrag, 3rd level half-orc cleric, 22 hp (Kyle)
Neb, 3rd level thief, 18 hp (Alex)

And in The Arena, the Larry Consortium's Gladiator Comrades

Crusher the Goblin, NPC, with a current win-loss record (where loss=death) of 11-0!
Slasher the Kobold, NPC, with a record of 1-1, having defeated a giant rat but, ahem, being defeated by a dog!  He is currently "retired."
Smusher the Bugbear, NPC, with an astounding record of zero wins, and er, one loss.  We like to think he's on the "injured reserve list."

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