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Adventures 2001
 2001 Adventures

This page contains the Telvar adventures which have occurred in the real-world year 2001.  (Non-Telvar games are all included on the "Non-Telvar Adventures" page.) 

At the moment, I can offer you:
The B.L.A.D.E.S. (Brotherhood for the Liberation of All from Dinosaurs, Evil, and Slavery) also known as the The Longblades, the Foolhardy Intrepideers, the Salvation Army, the Sylvan Light, the Sylvan Salvation Squad, and the Indecisive.

Also new to this space are some of the The Balinor Chronicles: Tales of Legend and Horror.

Eventually we might have some adventures from everyone's favorite Phaulkonian adventurers, Cassian and Warwick.

NEW!The 7th Telvar Open took place on 21 July 2001 in Charlotte, NC!  If you missed the fun, you can still read all about it.

Check this space for the newest Telvar wanderings and fun!                  


art by Mike Kosteva


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