The Scouts of Middle
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The Scouts of Middle
"Being prepared is just the beginning."

On Founders Day in 2178, Sir Faranyn Arathorne, Governor of Middle-of-the-Road, unveiled a new group in town for boys and girls to learn about citizenship, the outdoors, fighting skills, the Church of Nevron, history of Dunador and the area, local lore and geography, and lots of other things.  This group was named "the Scouts" and was open to anyone below apprenticeship-age with their parents' permission. As the group ages, older alumni of the group may become Scout-Lieutenants.

The Scout-Leader is Patrol Captain Batt.  Patrol Lieutenant Cassana, Squire Pap, Standard-Bearer Nym, and Police Captain Barko are Scout-Lieutenants.  Faranyn and the Druid Dari are Scout-Advisers.

The Scouts have an Oath, a set of Principles, a salute, and a system of Badges for learning various skills.  The Scouts start at the rank of Neophyte, or Scout of the Third Circle.  Once the Scout has completed the various requirements to progress beyond Neophyte, he becomes a member of the Second Circle.  He then progresses beyond the Second to the First, and then to the rank of Diamond Scout.  At the last, he can become an Alpha Scout.  As an Alpha Scout he can enter into training with Batt or Cassana as a woodsman Patroler for Middle if he should desire.

Scout of the Third CircleScout of the Second CircleScout of the First CircleNeophyteAlpha Scout 

Third Circle (Neophyte), Second Circle, First Circle, Diamond Scout, and Alpha Scout


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